The Books of Magic

Meet young Timothy Hunter, age 13. Loner, motherless, nerdy (big glasses, messy black hair -- ring any bells). One day the "Trenchcoat Brigade" (in the immortal words of John Constantine) take him on 4 magical journeys to induct him to his 'path' to becoming the greatest magician (REAL magic) of his age. Beset by assassins, Baba yaga, a murderous insane guide and the confusing talk of Ago, Tim has to deal with the knowledge that if he isn't careful, very careful, he'll be the destruction of the world! Here are the 7 books that collect the first 50 issues and the first two Books of Faerie minieseries.

4-issue miniseries, compiled 4-issue miniseries, novelized as The Invitation The Children's Crusade, novelized Book 1, Bindings 1-4 Book 1 Bindings, novelized Book 2, Summonings 5-13 Novelization:  Consequences Book 3, Reckonings 14-20 Book 4, Transformations 21-25 Book 5, Girl in the Box 26-32 Book 6, The Burning Girl 33-41 Book 7, Death after Death 42-50 The Books of Faerie The Books of Faerie:  Auberon's Tale The Books of Faerie:  Molly's Story

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