The Elementals

This site is dedicated to the wonderful Comico title The Elementals. On this page, I'll try to include cover images, links to two comic stores to buy titles, plot synopses and other cool stuff for each issue.

Some of the issues are for adults only, and I will make note of that when I feature those issues.

Elementals was published by Comico for quite a long time. The basic story is that the Elemental spirits of the earth decided that they needed Avatars to protect their interests on Earth's material plane. They chose 4 people who'd just at that moment been killed: Becky drowned and became the water spirit Fathom (not the Image title!), Jeannette was burned up and became the fire spirit Morningstar, Tommy Czuchra was crushed in a landslide and became the earth spirit Monolith; and Jeff became the air spirit of Vortex.

Morningstar &
Here is the cover to the swimsuit issue, featuring Fathom (Rebecca Golden) and Morningstar (Jeannette Crane).
Comico ran the series on a semi-bi-monthly basis for 29 issues with two specials. Then they created a volume 2 that ran for something like 26 issues and had a swimsuit special, 4-5 sex specials, a lingerie special. Then volume 2 ended, but Comico also had a volume 3 that lasted a whole 3 issues.

There were several one-shots and miniseries including two Fathom miniseries, a Vortex miniseries, a Monolith miniseries, a Morningstar one-shot and wrap ups of the Oblivion War, The Vampire's Revenge, TPB of The Natural Order and even the story of Vortex' wedding called Ghost of a Chance.

Well, On the the first Story Arc: Natural Order

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