The Natural Order: TPB

The Natural Order

Issues 1 - 5

Volume 1 Number 1
Volume 1, Number 1
Volume 1 Number 2
Volume 1, Number 2
The Natural Order, Chapter 1
The Natural Order, Chapter 2

The Spontaneous Generation

Angel of Light

The Story So Far

In their initial appearance in Texas Comics' Justice Machine Annual No. 1, we were introduced to each of the Elementals and discovered the first clues as to their origin.

A super-powered villainess called Shapeshifter was sent by a mysterious patron to study them. She attacked them, deciding the best way to accurately gauge the Elementals' abilities was to test them in battle.

Just as the tide of the battle turned against her, Shapeshifter escaped to make her report. Meanwhile, the police arrived just in time to arrest the Elementals.

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Volume 1 Number 3
Volume 1, Number 3
Volume 1 Number 4
Volume 1, Number 4
The Natural Order, Chapter 3
The Natural Order, Chapter 4

Birds of Prey

The Mean Seasons

The Story So Far

The elementals have been captured by the Destroyers, who were transporting them to the secret island headquarters of their mysterious patron Saker. However, in interrogating Monolith, Saker caused his release. Monolith freed his companions, who escaped the Destroyers' aircraft by blowing it to bits!

What followed was a battle between the Elementals and the Destroyers. Just as the Elementals were clearly winning, Ratman attacked Vortex, leaving him for dead. Meanwhile, Saker is preparing to confront the Elementals himself!

The Story So Far

After their seemingly successful ambush of the Destroyers, the Elementals had regrouped their forces while wondering as to the whereabouts of Vortex who, unbeknownst to them, had been brutally mutilated by Ratman. Meanwhile, the evil Saker, in his secret headquarters, had drawn on the powers of the demonic Suileach Sidhe.

Saker's troops later stormed the island where the Elementals had remained. A recon team retrieved the still living remains of Vortex's body from the tropical brush while the remaining Elementals were demolishing the attack forces with an impressive display of power from Fathom. She was, however, quickly upstaged by Saker who returned to defeat the three with a wave of his hand!

Volume 1 Number 5
Volume 1, Number 5
The Natural Order, Chapter 5

Riders On the Storm

The Story So Far

The Elementals have been in captivity for an entire year on Nacht Island while Saker has been gathering the supernatural energies to launch his assault on humanity. Finally, Fathom was able to escape out to sea while Ratman, her guard, had relaxed his attention.

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In this issue our heroes begin the long journey home. But what trip would be complete without an unscheduled detour in Alabama?

The Next Story Arc