Volume 1 Number 6
Volume 1, Number 6
The Story So Far: There was an evil growing in the earth that threatened the existence of all life on all levels of the multiverse. When they learned of this, the lords of the Natural Order caused four ordinary people to die, and then reanimated their bodies with the spirits of the four ancient elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water.

These elemental champions named themselves Monolith, Vortex, Morningstar, and Fathom. They returned from the plane of death to oppose and end this force of destruction.

The source of evil power that the elementals were hunting was a man who had been alive for two thousand years. He had had many names but now called himself Saker. For all of these centuries, he had been gathering supernatural power to build his "shadowspear," a kind of mystic "atomic bomb" that, when released against the Earth, would cause the deaths of billions of people.

The Elementals' creation was sensed by Saker, who sent the Destroyers, his personal guard, to capture or kill them before they could interfere with his plans.

The Destroyers surprised the Elementals in Seattle's Space Needle restaurant, and after a short battle, captured them. While they were being transported to his headquarters, Saker took an opportunity to physically interrogate one of the Elementals (Monolith) to learn of their plans and origin. The effects of Saker's interrogation inadvertently freed Monolith, who was able to free his partners.

Just as they were about to reach Saker's island headquarters, the Elementals escaped from the Destroyers by blowing up their transport jet. What followed was a long battle between the Elementals and various forces, including the Destroyers and armed security forces in attack helicopters and V.T.O.L gunships. The Elementals were beginning to win when Saker took a personal hand in the matter and easily defeated them.

What followed for the Elementals, was a full year in captivity to Saker. Only one of the Elementals was allowed out of his or her cell at any time, while the others were help hostage for good behavior. Through the year, the captives learned of Saker's history and his plans to wage a war on humanity until those few who survived would be strong enough to fit his standard of what a human should be. He saw himself as a force of ultimate evolution.

Eventually, after gaining the confidence of her guard (Ratman), Fathom was able to escape. This would normally have caused the death of the others, but before the executions could be carried out, Fathom immediately returned to the island in the form of a massive tidal wave that destroyed much of the island's forces and freed the Elementals. Finally, the Elementals faced the Destroyers in a pitched battle that allowed Vortex to fight his way to Saker.

Vortex was just able to defeat Saker by trapping him in the dimension from which he was stealing the magic to power the Shadowspear. Unfortunately, Saker was able to release the Shadowspear beforehand.

At the end of last issue, the island was invaded by U.S. Forces that were called in by Vortex. The military forces captured the remainder of Saker's forces, weapons, and equipment, then arranged to transport the Elementals home. True to their mission, thy have defeated Saker, but his Shadowspear storm, an accumulation of 2000 years of evil, mystic energy, is still loose on the world. Without Saker, is the storm still dangerous?

Hype Elementals Special #1: Someone is killing the children of Seattle and Monolith finds himself somehow linked to the murderer! Comico proudly presents "Episodes," a frank look at child abuse and the effects it has on all of its victims.

Hype Elementals #7: As David Golden engages in a heated political struggle, his daughter, Fathom, and her friends are battling a raging fire of another sort!

Hype Justice Machine> featuring The Elementals #1: This is it! The first installment of the hottest four-issue miniseries of 1986.

Volume 1 Special #1
Volume 1 Special 1
A Letter From Tommy To my readers and their parents:

When I was considerably younger, my mother used to warn me "Don't take rides from strangers," and similar admonitions to protect me from the dangerous situations that often victimize children. They were good rules. They still are. But there was one vital problem with them: my mother never told me why I shouldn't do those things. You see, in my early childhood it was not proper for parents to risk horrifying their children by telling them all of the things that might happen if you decided to take that ride.

My mother was trying to protect me with those rules, but it didn't work, because when it happened, it wasn't by a stranger. David was one of the older kids in the neighborhood. He was a part of my environment for as long as I can remember. He was no stranger. One day, David got me alone and did some of the things to me that my mother was trying to protect me from. By the time I began to realize that I was in trouble, it was too late, because this situation didn't fit any of the rules. After that day, I never allowed mysself to be alone with David again. I had begun to learn my own rules.

My mother's rules never took into account the fact that the "strangers" she was so worried about might ba a little closer to home. "David" may be a neighbor, a friend or a stranger, or--as is most common--one of your own parents. Children need to be able to recognize him when he comes along.

No normal, caring parent looks forward to telling his or her children all of the dangers that are possible in today's society. It's not fun, but it has become necessary.

Children are complex, sophisticated, and intelligent human beings. They are able, through association alone, to learn an incredibly difficult language by their fourth year. They're a lot smarter than we are comfortable with. They're emotionally a lot stronger than we like to perceive. Unfortunately, children are physically unable to fight off the stranger, friend or parent who abuses them. Their only protection is the knoledge to avoid these dangerous situations or at least to report them afterwards, without fear.

Today, many groups are beginning to recognize this responsibility to children. Schools and other services are teaching young students in frank, but carefull (non-hysterical) ways about how to deal with physical and sexual abuse. Children are finally being given the option of learning the real rules. For the first time, a child's safety is not the price of his or her innocence. Please help me in supporting these programs. Please check the Comico Blimp article in this book for some of the groups you can get involved with.

Teach your children well.

Tommy Czuchra

This story takes place sometime, well after the elementals have returned to their home on Mercer Island.
Hype Elementals #7: As David Golden engages in a heated political struggle, his daughter, Fathom, and her friends are battling a raging fire of another sort!

Hype Justice Machine featuring The Elementals #1 This is it! The first installment of the hottest four-issue miniseries of 1986. Mike Gustovich and Bill Willingham bring these great characters together again in a breakneck- paced story that'll knock your socks off!

Volume 1 Number 7
Volume 1, Number 7
The Story So Far Finally, after more than a year in captivity on Nacht Island and a long layover in Alabama, where they were attacked by a strange bio-form creature made up of multiple reanimated corpses, the Elementals have come home!
Hype Justice Machine featuring The Elementals #2 This issue our heroes are locked head-to-head in a deadly battle to bring freedom and justice to the population of Georwell.

Hype Elementals #8 A slightly twisted view of romance and how it affects the lives of various members of the Elementals is the thrust of "Tainted Love" Also, the bizarre return of Ratman, because he demanded it!

Volume 1, Number 8
Volume 1 Number 8
Tainted Love
The Story So Far The Elementals were four ordinary people who died and were resurrected. They were reanimated with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, in order to protect the Earth and the natural order from an evil sorcerer named Saker. They were able to defeat Saker, but not before he released two thousand years' worth of black magic back into the world. This malignant force, known as the Shadowspear, was going to be used by Saker to raze the world; but with him gone, it is just out there, ready to be used by anyone or anything evil enough to attract its power. As long as the Shadowspear remains, the elementals are not finished with their mission from beyond the grave.

After defeating Saker, the Elementals--Jeanette (Morningstar), Jeff (Vortex), Tommy (Monolith), and Becky (Fathom--returned home. Immediately, the government tried to take control of them for "national security" reasons, but was stopped primarily through the efforts of Becky's father, who is an influential lawyer. Jeff and Becky then took steps to ensure that the public would be on their side should another showdown with the government occur: they helped fight a fire in a Seattle skyscraoper.

Before defeating Saker, the Elementals were held captive for a year as his prisoners. During that time, Becky was guarded primarily by Ratman, a short- tempered lycanthrope who became attracted to her. Becky played up this ulikely romance in order to escape. At the time, she was sure that she would never see Ratman again.

Hype Justice Machine featuring The Elementals #3 This four-issue limited series kicks into high gear as Zarren orders the immediate execution of the Elementals. And then it really hits the fan!

Hype Justice Machine featuring The Elementals #4 The ultimate climax in this four-issue limited series is packed with surprises and revelations galore! Justice maching and the Elementals go up against a horde of interdimensional demons, and there's no way you're gonna guess the true identity of Darkforce! Hype Elementals #9 A fun-packed jam issue featuring a tongue-in-cheek look at the high price of "Fame" in the elite world of super-heroes!

Volume 1 Number 9
Volume 1, Number 9
The Story So Far