Written & Illustrated by Kevin J. Taylor, Fang is a gothic fantasy of violence and lust. Fang presents the story of Francesca, a woman blessed by ancient dragons as humanity's savior. Before she can meet her destiny as the ultimate vampire slayer, she must face Lenore, a seductive sorceress, and a mysterious evil from her past!

Philip Ray Simon says these two miniseries from Kevin Taylor and Sirius are not ap to par with the rest of Taylor's body of work, but that's his opinion! Fang begins with the three issuie origin tale, in full color, that's highly recommended. Most of this deals with Francesca's quest to find her mother in Silo City, a city overrun by vampires (called "fangs"), and how Francesca becomes a unique werewolf/vampire hybrid through a series of trials. The second miniseries (Testament), in black & white, has more plot-driven action as opposed to the action-heavy original mineries. Testament introduces the back-story of the characters, Lenore, Francesca, Francesca's mother, Von Drega and explains just what a Di-Chana is.

Jennifer Contino didn't like it either, "If you're offended by nudity.. bizarre sexual situations... women whose breasts Laura DePuy could probably writa a thesis about, then don't get this book." She did like the idea of the magical sword, Black Steel, that responds only to her commands and has all kinds of secrets of its own. Jen thought it was "spiffy".

About the pics above: First Row: titled Baptism is a 'portrait'of Francesca that appeared as Sirius Gallery's # 18. "Francesca, the One di-chana, continues her quest to liberate the oppressed and, in so doing, attain Raal." This image was used as the cover to the trade paperback, a compendium of all seven comics. Buy it at Amazon.com.

Faith. Sirius Gallery # 14. "The First issue of Fang appeared in February of '95, marking Kevin's first original comic book work for Sirius Entertainment."

The Mountain Sirius Gallery # 16. "This image of Francesca atop the Black Mountain graced the cover to the Fang: Testament # 1 Limited Edition."

Background Image: Black Steel: Sirius Gallery # 18. "Francesca wields the mystical sword, which materialized in her hand during the Solgena windstorm of Fang: Testament # 2."

Testament #1: Sirius Gallery # 15: "Kevin's second Fang series began in September of '96, which chronicled the time before Francesca entered Silo City and defeated Lord Thannis."

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