Kabuki's world is set in the near future, in Kyoto; a city in Japan that was once the country's capital, but is now (in the story) a breeding ground for corruption.

Kabuki belonged to a corporation called the Noh, that had a set of eight 'Masks' that were so secret that they were put on TV, and the only people that knew they really existed were the Yakuza and other criminals that the Masks of the Noh put out of business. The Masks were:Butoh, Ice, Kabuki, Scarab, Siamese, Snapdragon, and Tigerlily.

Kabuki was the finest and most popular Mask; she was on Noh TV, informing Kyoto that "Little Sister is Watching You" and giving information about the weather, news and such, as well as stopping drugs baron, arms dealers and other criminals with the other Masks.

But Kabuki 'defected'; she was given the chance to kill Kai (the man who scarred her as a child), and avenge her mother (whom he killed); this she did, but was mortally wounded in the fight with the Noh directors afterwards. Saved by the Control Corps Witness Protection Program, she's now in an Institution, being hunted down for extermination by the other Masks, and trying to escape...

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